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Many reasons to mistrust government

Published: Thursday, June 13, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Fran Ayars’ letter [“Agenda 21’s goal: Help to sustain planet,” June 7] accused the tea party of having an unpatriotic agenda and me of trying to “lead readers into thinking they have reason to mistrust government.”

There are actually plenty of reasons to mistrust government – take your pick.

n The IRS admits to targeting conservatives.

n NSA accesses and stores phone records, Internet history, and credit card transactions of U.S. citizens without cause.

n Soldiers were ordered to “stand down” while our ambassador to Libya was murdered.

n Department of Justice spies on The Associated Press.

n Government employees use secret email addresses to skirt FOIA requests.

n EPA gives awards to employees who don’t exist; and the list goes on.

It is dangerously naive to assume that our government wants what is best for us, or for the environment.

Fact:  Agenda 21 seeks to control all aspects of human life – economic, social, and environmental. It’s not about saving the planet (although that is what they want you to believe); it’s about control and redistribution of wealth. Its planners admit they need to eliminate private property rights to make that happen.   

Agenda 21 uses public/private partnerships to strong-arm citizens and businesses.  Those government-created monopolies undermine our capitalist system and reward the chosen enterprise for its collusion.

While being responsible stewards of the world in which we live is important, we should not cede sovereignty to international bodies such as the U.N. to do so, nor should we consider every bug and plant equal to human life.  Agenda 21 isn’t legally binding, but that doesn’t matter when governmental bodies are willing participants in its implementation.

The tea party works to protect individual liberties and keep government within its constitutional bounds. We are passionately cognizant of the forces eroding our liberties and sound the alarm when necessary. Ms. Ayar’s efforts to vilify our intentions will not dissuade us from our patriotic mission.

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