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City should straighten out its priorities

Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

This is in reference to the article about the city of Dixon’s plans to start fining people who do not mow their grass.

Let me begin with saying the city needs to look at other things it said that people would get fined for.

I have seen so many pools around Dixon that are supposed to have fences around them and if not, they would be fined. Let’s see whether anyone can tell me anyone who was fined for not having a fence around the pool.

That is money the city could use since it seems to not have any. Well, at least the residents do not have any, but the people running the city and the gas station owners do. How many “amens” can I get for that?

The downtown parking is horrible. How many citations can the city write if they wrote tickets for people who cannot park between the lines? I bet if everyone did, more people could park downtown, and most of them who park there are the store owners and workers themselves, which leaves no patron parking.

I see people speeding, running red lights and running stop signs; where are the tickets for them? Oh yeah, no one sees it but the residents.

How about the kids that spend the day on the weekend down by the Lincoln statue doing illegal things (I’ve seen it firsthand and reported it) and blocking the park from others being able to park and visit.

Wait – there is somewhat of an answer for that. The kids have no pool to go swim in or place to have legal fun.

I think it is time Dixon got its priorities straight.

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