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Outdoor adventures: CatMatt's fishing season never ends

You know that saying, “I like my catfish” is like saying that ducks like water or mosquitoes like warm blood. I absolutely love chasing them old whisker fish, and I do it all year round.

I always giggle a little bit when I hear a guy refer to a certain month as the “end of fishing season.” What the heck is the end of fishing season? I ain’t never heard of such a thing.

I mean, who really wants to stop doing something they love ... for, like, months at a time? Are you kidding me? 

I like to approach things with a whole different outlook. See, it’s one thing if you can’t fish – and “can’t fish” means you’re deathly ill, the soft water has frozen, your truck has broken down, or your significant other has absolutely put their foot down. These are all adequate, “I can’t fish” conditions.

However, like I always say, my body might have to be somewhere it really don’t wanna be, but my mind ... ah yes, my mind ... it can be on the water, 24-7, and twice on Sunday, baby. 

So I am telling you that virtual fishing, so to speak, can be a real cool tool to jack your game a bit and get by those rough days, when you absolutely cannot fish.

I like to think back a bit to days I spent on the water looking for new structure, or maybe to a day I missed a fish, or maybe even to a day I saw something that I told myself I had to fish but never got around to it.

Then I can formulate a game plan and attack it the next time I actually get to go fishing. I already know how I’m going to anchor, what bait I am going to throw and how many feet long the beast I’m yanking outta there is.

This last part, we all do that all the time. Heck, I set a hook in my sleep one night and whacked Mrs. CatMatt right upside the head. When she yelled and I came to, I could not believe what happened; I was so into this dream I really thought I was in my boat.

What a bummer when I woke up next to momma, mad as all get-out. The fish ... well, he was gone.

Point is, we really never have to stop fishing. There is no “season,” and as long as your imagination still functions, you’re golden. We can constantly consume the very sport we love, no limit.

Hey, and check this out: You never have to miss a fish in your mind.Your buddy, he never catches more than you, and the big one never – and I mean never – gets away. Remember, this is your mind, and if the big one gets away ... see a doctor, ‘cause you’re sick for sure.

I have heard many a lady, and even a few guys, over my lifetime say over and again how they just can’t understand why we like to fish so much.

Can’t really explain it myself, I just know I gots to do it. What a sweet addiction it is, all year long, day or night, hot or cold.

You know what I’m saying? Heck, I don’t know what I’m saying most of the time. I just know doing what you love as much as you can, well, that’s an easy one to figure out.

Til next time...

Go Catfish!

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