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Board’s findings ought to be upheld

Published: Friday, May 17, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

I have attended many of the recent public hearing meetings of the Lee County Zoning Board of Appeals regarding the special use petition for the Green River Wind Farm.

Mainstream seemed to hurry to get its petition in before the County Board voted on changes so any new rules might not affect them.

Mainstream’s petition listed nine requirements of the existing wind ordinance that Mainstream would meet before or during the hearing of its special use petition. One requirement is to identify all area structures so a person could determine what the effects of installing 512-foot-tall turbines might be on them or their property.

While every other standard for impacts uses property lines as the point of measurement, Mainstream insisted studies be done from the foundations of residential receptors, not considering impacts on other structures in the area, such as barns, businesses, churches, and other buildings, or recreational uses of the Green River Environmental Corridor.

To sell the Green River Wind Farm to area landowners, Mainstream distributed materials stating shadow flicker could be easily planned around so no home would have to suffer from it. Mainstream petitioned for a 30-hour flicker allowance and asked for 50 hours in its good neighbor agreement.

It’s necessary to know all that’s going on in the area to determine who and what will be impacted by the turbines. Mainstream should not be given a pass on the structure identification requirements of our ordinance.

Please approve the findings of the Lee County Zoning Board of Appeals, and let us move on with our lives.

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