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Girls Track Honor Roll

Published: Thursday, May 9, 2013 12:21 a.m. CDT

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State qualifying: 1A 13.04; 2A 12.74

Courtney Cobert, E-P12.58

Shasta Day, Rock Falls12.72

Dominique Sails, Rock Falls27.85

Lindsey Hoffert, BV13.0

Devyn Absher, Rock Falls13.08

Heather Strike, E-P13.31

Erica Grace, Oregon13.33

Haley DeVoss, BV13.4

Emylyn Wright, Oregon13.44

Peyton Cater, Sterling13.50

Miranda Grisham, Mill-East13.62


State qualifying: 1A 27.04; 2A 26.64

Peyton Rus, E-P26.10

Shasta Day, Rock Falls26.74

Lexy Duncan, Dixon26.80

Cydney Long, Oregon26.89

Lindsey Hoffert, BV27.44

Dominique Sails, Rock Falls27.54

Haley DeVoss, BV27.9

Miranda Grisham, Mill-East27.94

Erica Grace, Oregon28.64


State qualifying: 1A 1:02.04; 2A 1:00.64

Dallas Clevenger, Rock Falls1:00.15

Lexy Duncan, Dixon1:00.99

Courtney Cobert, E-P1:01.55

Rachel Cobert, E-P1:01.7

Emily Crossley, Sterling1:01.82

Lindsey Hoffert, BV1:03.12

Miranda Grisham, Mill-East1:03.41


State qualifying: 1A 2:26.64; 2A 2:23.34

Brittany Schwarz, Dixon2:25.0

Corrie Reiley, E-P2:27.2

Averi Leitzen, Fulton2:32.02

Clara Thorpe, Dixon2:32.5

Maggie Bushman, Dixon2:32.8

Makayley Velasquez, Rock Falls2:34.6


State qualifying: 1A 5:35.14; 2A 5:25.74

Regan Weidner, BV5:30.27

Mercedes Sanchez, Sterling5:34.65

Clara Thorpe, Dixon5:43.0

Averi Leitzen, Fulton5:51:43

Paige Davis, Rock Falls5:55.0

Corrie Reiley, E-P5:56.9


State qualifying: 1A 12:12.24; 2A 11:48.04

Mercedes Sanchez, Sterling11:41.45

Katie Pitman, Dixon11:54.85

Regan Weidner, BV12:10.4

Clara Thorpe, Dixon12:16.0

Paige Davis, Rock Falls12:47.0

Jennifer Woodworth, E-P13:07.35

100 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 16.64; 2A 16.04

Cydney Long, Oregon15.6

Kim Johnson, Milledgeville16.73

Peyton Sturtevant, Milledgeville17.02

Courtney Boyer, West Carroll17.05

Ashleigh Tira, Sterling17.13

Katie Person, Polo-Forr.17.9

Lauren Peterson, BV18.35

Maddie Fringer, E-P18.38

300 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 49.84; 2A 47.84

Ashleigh Tira, Sterling49.4

Hailey Houck, Dixon50.20

Peyton Sturtevant, Milledgeville50.42

Kim Johnson, Milledgeville51.20

Lauren Peterson, BV53.05

Breann Grell, Sterling53.50

Shyan Dessing, E-P53.51

Betsy Leonard, Fulton53.72

Marisela Herrera, E-P54.93

Breanna Eissens, Fulton55.33

400 relay

State qualifying: 1A 51.94; 2A 50.84


Rock Falls50.98




Bureau Valley52.54


West Carroll55.05


800 relay

State qualifying: 1A 1:50.34; 2A 1:48.04


Rock Falls1:49.01



Bureau Valley1:52.4

West Carroll1:55.27

1,600 relay

State qualifying: 1A 4:14.34; 2A 4:10.04





Rock Falls4:21.3


3,200 relay

State qualifying: 1A 10:22.24; 2A 10:04.00

Rock Falls10:17.94






Shot put

State qualifying: 1A 35-6; 2A 36-6

Shannon Cullen, Oregon39-9 1/2

Autumn Smith, Amboy36-3

Chelsea Lesniewski, Fulton35-6 1/4

Alyssa Howell, E-P35-3

Mykil Baker, Polo-Forr.34-2

Mireya Arellano, Rock Falls34-0 1/2

Alexi Shaw, Oregon33-8 1/2

Sydney Lebahn, BV32-7 1/2


State qualifying: 1A 108-0; 2A 112-3

Mykil Baker, Polo-Forr.120-6

Alexi Shaw, Oregon107-0

Shannon Cullen, Oregon106-1

Sydney Lebahn, BV103-9

Peyton Achs, E-P102-4

Gabi Ramirez, Oregon102-1

Aryelle Rabuck, West Carroll97-1

Autumn Smith, Amboy97-0

High jump

State qualifying: 1A 5-2; 2A 5-2

Paige Rus, E-P5-3

Michaela Bush, Rock Falls5-0

Maddie Fringer, E-P5-0

Krista Loos, Sterling5-0

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll5-0

Morgan Zuidema, Sterling5-0

Long jump

State qualifying: 1A 16-4; 2A 16-11

Peyton Rus, E-P17-6 1/2

Lexy Duncan, Dixon17-5

Lindsey Hoffert, BV17-3 3/4

Sarah Lauer, Oregon16-0 1/2

Alexis Strong, Sterling15-10 1/2

Grace Nelson, Oregon15-10

Miranda Grisham, Milledgeville15-7

Allison Barr, West Carroll15-5

Heather Strike, E-P15-3 1/2

Michaela Bush, Rock Falls15-2 1/2

Triple jump

State qualifying: 1A 33-8; 2A 34-8

Paige Rus, E-P36-5

Rachel Cobert, E-P34-8 1/2

Sarah Lauer, Oregon34-0

Erin Wessels, Fulton33-2

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll32-10

Maggie Bushman, Dixon33-7 1/4

Erica Grace, Oregon32-0 1/2

Brandi Hosford, Morrison32-0 1/2

Emma Kermott, Sterling32-0 1/2

Peyton Cater, Sterling31-8

Pole vault

State qualifying: 1A 9-3; 2A 9-9

Lauren Zuidema, Sterling10-6

Ivy Peterson, Sterling8-9

Ryan Starkey, Oregon8-6

Carolynn Hammelman, Sterling8-0

Ashlynn Steel, E-P8-0

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