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Baseball Q&A: Meet Milledgeville sophomore Blake Kappes

Published: Saturday, May 4, 2013 12:15 a.m. CDT

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How long have you been playing baseball?

My whole life. Since Pee-Wee, which is like 6. And I played before then.

What’s your favorite thing about baseball?

Winning. That’s the biggest. That’s what keeps me going.

How many games do you think this team can win? Can you make a run?

Yeah, we can make a run. We’ve been in all our games. We need to get rid of the little errors here and stay away from the big inning.

You operate very quickly on the mound: get the ball, throw the ball. Has that always been the way that you work?

Yeah. I like to go quick. That’s how I do it. I don’t like for them to get too comfortable.

Any big-leaguers you watch and who you emulate?

Mark Buehrle. I like watching him. I like to work fast like him.

You do a really nice job hiding the ball. Your delivery has shades of Tim Lincecum. Anyone ever tell you that?

I can see that comparison, and I’ve heard that. It’s always pretty cool to hear that. I like to hide the ball and make it hard for them to see it and to hit it.

What was it like coming in as an underclassman?

I had to earn my stripes a little bit, and I was up here on varsity last year, too.

As the kid brother of softball player Brooke Kappes, what’s it like being on the baseball team and seeing what they’ve accomplished?

It’s rough. You want to do better. You see the softball team go to state, and you want to do that, too, and see how it feels.

You’re obviously proud of your sister, though, yes?

Oh yeah. She’s very good.

What do you do away from baseball?

Play other sports: basketball and football. Work on that. Some video games here and there.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

Math, probably. I’m a stat guy, somewhat.

You just turned 16 today (Monday), is that right?

Yep. Big win.

Could you imagine a better birthday present than winning the second game of this doubleheader against AFC?

To get both.When do you get your license?

Tomorrow morning.

What’s gonna be the best thing about having that license?

I get to drive by myself. Some freedom. That’s gonna be fun.

Any hidden talents that maybe your teammates don’t know about?

Ping pong. I’m the best at
ping pong.

Yeah, but they probably know that, right?

No. Not too many.

Got a table at the house?

Yes sir.

Who’s your toughest matchup?

Brian Rahn, my basketball coach. We might start playing best two out of three, then it’s three out of five and so on. That’s how it works
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