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Board’s work should not be dismissed

Published: Friday, May 3, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

I was told that a favorite ploy of the wind industry is to escort people concerned about the noise level to a spot directly underneath them. They are relatively quiet there.

I wonder what Lee County Board member, Ann Taylor, R-Amboy, was doing while she spent several hours under the turbines? Did she knit or read to pass the time? Seeing that there would be no shadow flicker at that spot, she wouldn’t have suffered vertigo like the nearby homeowners might.

I’ll bet she was there around noon when the flicker would be minimal or nonexistent. In my uneducated, humble opinion, she would better spend her time in the home of someone who lives with turbines hovering over them 24-7.

I am so sick of hearing, “We need to generate tax revenue.” After all the theft the hard-working taxpayers have suffered in Lee County, I’ll just bet they do need it. 

How awesome it must be to be so sure of yourself, like the new Lee County Board chairman, Rick Ketchum, D-Amboy, who is so positive he knows what’s best that he can override the 80 hours of meetings the zoning board held to come to their decision against the wind farm.

Why have a zoning board if their hard work is going to be so blatantly dismissed?

Did Mr. Ketchum review the many testimonies given at the zoning board meetings?

How about the professional real estate appraisers who testified of the devaluation of property close to wind farms? 

Thank you, David Gusse, R-Dixon; Marilyn Shippert, R-Dixon; and Judy Truckenbrod, R-West Brooklyn, for taking seriously the testimonies of the people living with the turbines.

To quote Marilyn Shippert: “We need to look beyond the money. There are concerns about the health effects. We need to keep people safe.”

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