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Girls Track & Field Honor Roll for April 25, 2013

Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013 12:06 a.m. CDT


State qualifying: 1A 13.04; 2A 12.74

Courtney Cobert, E-P12.58

Lindsey Hoffert, BV13.0

Shasta Day, Rock Falls13.11

Heather Strike, E-P13.31

Haley DeVoss, BV13.4

Peyton Cater, Sterling13.50

Bryana Johnson, Sterling13.64

Alexis Strong, Sterling13.64

Miranda Grisham, Milledgeville13.65

Sarah Leif, Milledgeville14.01

Tre Baisden, West Carroll14.26

Riley Pierce, Amboy14.40


State qualifying: 1A 27.04; 2A 26.64

Peyton Rus, E-P26.10

Lexy Duncan, Dixon26.80

Lindsey Hoffert, BV27.74

Cydney Long, Oregon27.76

Haley DeVoss, BV27.90

Heather Strike, E-P27.96

Bryana Johnson, Sterling28.02

Peyton Cater, Sterling28.12

Courtney Cobert, E-P28.15

Rachel Cobert, E-P28.35

Lakin Goodman, Morrison28.83

Miranda Grisham, Milledgeville28.85

Erica Walls, West Carroll29.77


State qualifying: 1A 1:02.04; 2A 1:00.64

Courtney Cobert, E-P1:01.55

Dallas Clevenger, Rock Falls1:01.67

Rachel Cobert, E-P1:01.7

Emily Crossley, Sterling1:01.82

Lindsey Hoffert, BV1:04.08

Miranda Grisham, Milledgeville1:06.1

Katelyn Everett, Sterling1:06.77

Katelin Johnson, BV1:08.3

Liz Conroy, West Carroll1:09.08

Regan Weidner, BV1:12.6


State qualifying: 1A 2:26.64; 2A 2:23.34

Brittany Schwarz, Dixon2:25.0

Corrie Reiley, E-P2:27.2

Clara Thorpe, Dixon2:32.5

Maggie Bushman, Dixon2:32.8

Mekayley Velasquez, Rock Falls2:34.6

Charli Wike, Sterling2:35.7

Regan Weidner, BV2:37.6

Breanna Jensen, E-P2:39.38

Kassi Henrekin, E-P2:41.6

Katelin Johnson, BV2:42.8

Kaitlin Boers, Amboy2:43.5

Lindsay Dauphin, West Carroll2:44.23


State qualifying: 1A 5:35.14; 2A 5:25.74

Mercedes Sanchez, Sterling5:34.65

Clara Thorpe, Dixon5:43.0

Regan Weidner, BV5:43.0

Paige Davis, Rock Falls5:55.0

Corrie Reiley, E-P5:56.9

Katie Pitman, Dixon5:59.0

Brooke Remley, E-P6:09.27

Jennifer Woodworth, E-P6:12.32

Kaitlin Boers, Amboy6:23.0

Jennifer Popovich, Amboy6:25.0

Riley Francis, BV6:35.9

Madison Howard, Morrison6:36.23

Clara Rodriquez, West Carroll6:55.90

Sam Case, West Carroll7:01.99


State qualifying: 1A 12:12.24; 2A 11:48.04

Mercedes Sanchez, Sterling11:48.22

Clara Thorpe, Dixon12:16.0

Regan Weidner, BV12:41.73

Paige Davis, Rock Falls12:47.0

Jennifer Woodworth, E-P13:07.4

Hailey Altenburg, Dixon13:37.0

Jennifer Popovich, Amboy13:45.0

Emily Hanover, E-P13:52.95

Riley Francis, BV14:08.7

Clara Rodriguez, West Carroll14:59.41

Sam Case, WC15:11.5

100 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 16.64; 2A 16.04

Kim Johnson, Milledgeville16.73

Peyton Sturtevant, Milledgeville17.02

Cydney Long, Oregon17.04

Ashleigh Tira, Sterling17.30

Courtney Boyer, West Carroll17.69

Katie Person, Polo-Forr.17.9

Maddie Fringer, E-P18.34

Lauren Peterson, BV18.4

Maya Miller, Sterling18.58

Kelly Sirens, BV18.9

Brittani Sohn, Dixon18.9

Shyan Dessing, E-P19.01

Abby Howes, BV19.45

300 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 49.84; 2A 47.84

Ashleigh Tira, Sterling49.4

Hailey Houck, Dixon50.20

Peyton Sturtevant, Milledgeville50.42

Kim Johnson, Milledgeville51.20

Breann Grell, Sterling53.50

Shyan Dessing, E-P54.21

Marisela Herrera, E-P54.93

Lauren Peterson, BV55.2

Sam Boyer, West Carroll55.5

Alli Reeder, Polo-Forr.56.20

Katelin Johnson BV58.11

Kelly Sirens, BV58.97

Abby Howes, BV1:00.50

400 relay

State qualifying: 1A 51.94; 2A 50.84

Rock Falls50:98





Bureau Valley54.59

West Carroll55.05


800 relay

State qualifying: 1A 1:50.34; 2A 1:48.04


Rock Falls1:49.01




West Carroll1:58.33

Bureau Valley2:04.5


1,600 relay

State qualifying: 1A 4:14.34; 2A 4:10.04




Rock Falls4:21.3

West Carroll4:34.94


Bureau Valley4:52.7

3,200 relay

State qualifying: 1A 10:22.24; 2A 10:04.00



Rock Falls10:32.2


West Carroll11:27.59


Shot put

State qualifying: 1A 35-6; 2A 36-6

Shannon Cullen, Oregon37-10 1/2

Autumn Smith, Amboy35-9

Alyssa Howell, E-P34-9 1/4

Mykil Baker, Polo-Forr.34-2

Mireya Arellano, Rock Falls32-11

Kelbi Schneider, West Carroll32-7

Sydney Lebahn, BV30-10

Sarah Trobaugh, Sterling30-3

Ashley Cooney, E-P29-11

Kenzie Heinz, Polo-Forr.29-4

Jordan Totten, Sterling29-0 1/2

Sam Stocking, BV28-5

Stephanie Binkley, Dixon28-0 1/2

Gabby Jacobo, Dixon27-11 1/4


State qualifying: 1A 108-0; 2A 112-3

Mykil Baker, Polo-Forr.120-6

Shannon Cullen, Oregon103-4 1/2

Gabi Ramirez, Oregon101-3

Sydney Lebahn, BV99-0

Aryelle Rabuck, West Carroll97-1

Autumn Smith, Amboy97-0

Peyton Achs, E-P93-6

Mickey Garcia, Sterling87-5

Mireya Arellano, Rock Falls85-0

Stephanie Binkley, Dixon82-0

Sam Stocking, BV75-0

High jump

State qualifying: 1A 5-2; 2A 5-2

Paige Rus, E-P5-2

Maddie Fringer, E-P5-0

Krista Loos, Sterling5-0

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll5-0

Morgan Zuidema, Sterling5-0

Abby Gillette, Rock Falls4-10

Jacqueline Matznick, Sterling4-10

Laura Rieker, Amboy4-10

Mikayla Bolton, E-P4-8

Megan Cooper, Dixon4-6

Lakin Goodman, Morrison4-6

Abby Howes, BV4-6

Addison Huizenga, Dixon4-6

Naeva Groenewold, Polo-Forr.4-6

Long jump

State qualifying: 1A 16-4; 2A 16-11

Lexy Duncan, Dixon17-5

Peyton Rus, E-P16-11 1/4

Lindsey Hoffert, BV16-5 1/4

Alexis Strong, Sterling15-10 1/2

Miranda Grisham, Milledgeville15-7

Heather Strike, E-P15-3 1/2

Sydney Arrickx, Rock Falls15-2

Kaitlin Boers, Amboy14-9

Shannon Lahey, Dixon14-5 1/2

Allison Barr, West Carroll14-3 1/4

Courtney Boyer, West Carroll14-1

Katie Person, Polo-Forr.13-10

Kelly Sirens, BV13-3 1/4

Savanah Dean, BV13-1

Triple jump

State qualifying: 1A 33-8; 2A 34-8

Paige Rus, E-P35-7 1/2

Rachel Cobert, E-P34-2

Emma Kermott, Sterling32-0 1/2

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll31-11

Peyton Cater, Sterling31-8

Maggie Bushman, Dixon31-5

Kim Johnson, Milledgeville31-4

Cassie Reiley, E-P31-0

Sheila Browning, Amboy30-9

Brittany Schwarz, Dixon30-8 1/2

Kate Whitehouse, Sterling30-1

Katelin Johnson, BV29-6

Alli Reeder, Polo-Forr.29-4

Sydney Lebahn, BV28-6

Lauren Peterson, BV28-3 3/4

Savanah Dean, BV28-2 3/4

Pole vault

State qualifying: 1A 9-3; 2A 9-9

Lauren Zuidema, Sterling10-6

Ivy Peterson, Sterling8-3

Carolynn Hammelman, Sterling8-0

Ashlynn Steel, E-P7-6

Megan Cooper, Dixon7-0

Cassie Reiley, E-P7-0

Krista Naaktgeboren, BV6-6

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