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Too many in authority have no conscience

Published: Saturday, April 27, 2013 1:15 a.m.CDT

These remarks are to “you” plural. You can sincerely attempt to obey our Lord God and Father’s commands, or you can choose to use your free will and rebellious nature. You may also be free of the voice of your conscience because your conscience is dead.

It’s a mystery that the almighty, all-knowing God gifted all human creatures in all of creation with those tools that humankind have available to judge what is good or evil.

Conscience is the voice deep within you. Honor, listen, converse and pray with your conscience in deciphering good and evil. You can ignore, disclaim, or shut out that stupid voice. Now the conscience is dead. Who knows what your free will does after that?

The inclination of the human heart and mind is search for the divine – the God – the Father – the maker; to know, love and serve him. My fear is:

n The White House is so intent to tighten the gun control laws that ordinary law-abiding citizens are defenseless.

n Abortion and same-sex marriage will impact the future population of our nation.

Gun control? Why not abortion control?

Why not? Too many with a dead conscience are in prestigious positions of authority and command. They, in turn, influence a multitude of followers.

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