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Boys track honor roll for Friday, April 19, 2013

Published: Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:35 p.m. CDT


State qualifying: 1A 11.14; 2A 11.04

Nick Rude, Newman11.0

Kristian Konneck, Bureau Valley11.26

Cooper Nelson, Amboy11.3

Nick Newman, Oregon11.61

Andrew Garcia, Sterling11.74

Shaun Hintz, Fulton11.92

Will Konneck, Bureau Valley12.0


State qualifying: 1A 22.94; 2A 22.54

Nick Rude, Newman22.6

Maison Bittner, Newman22.8

Kristian Konneck, Bureau Valley23.34

Jake Adams, Oregon23.69

Nick Newman, Oregon24.21

Andrew Garcia, Sterling24.38

Will Konneck, Bureau Valley25.18

T.J. Huizenga, Fulton25.21


State qualifying: 1A 51.74; 2A 50.84

Brady Rude, Newman52.5

Draque Penaflor-Heier, Sterling52.62

Cornell Hartz, Sterling53.11

Daniel Trone, Bureau Valley53.74

Tommy McCormick, Oregon54.66

Joe Fisher, Bureau Valley55.6

Kyle Wiebenga, Fulton56.77


State qualifying: 1A 2:01.24; 2A 1:59.04

Kane Eastwood, Bureau Valley2:05

Ryan Taylor, Bureau Valley2:05.59

Ethan Rocha, Sterling2:07.76

Garrett Newman, Oregon2:12.04

Trevor Otten, Oregon2:12.66

Kyle Wiebenga, Fulton2:14.7


State qualifying: 1A 4:37.24; 2A 4:30.44

Simon Thorpe, Dixon4:30.1

Ethan Rocha, Sterling4:50.94

Zach Alston, Sterling4:51.89

Evan Grady, Dixon4:52.47

Bryson Reyes, Newman4:56.7

Austin Burkhart, Oregon5:06.7

Collin Willoughby, Fulton5:09

Kane Eastwood, Bureau Valley5:09.26

Adam Weller, Oregon5:15.51.

Andrew Smith, Bureau Valley5:16.27


State qualifying: 1A 10:04; 2A 9:49.24

Simon Thorpe, Dixon10:05.1

Bryson Reyes, Newman10:23.5

Keaton Dir, Sterling10:24.70

Austin Trevino, Dixon10:31.5

Kyle Wiebenga, Fulton11:16.48

Adam Weller, Oregon11:22.23

Andrew Smith, Bureau Valley11:29.5

110 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 15.54; 2A 14.94

J.D. Gieson, Dixon15.7

Bryce Holesinger, Fulton15.84

Ashton Rutherford, Oregon16.34

Regan Toddhunter, Newman16.5

Jake Kleveland, Oregon16.55

Conor Mooney, Bureau Valley16.73

Tucker Schoff, Bureau Valley17.05

Keanu Interone, Sterling17.3

300 hurdles

State qualifying: 1A 42.0; 2A 40.44

Logan Hoffert, Bureau Valley41.32

Bryce Holesinger, Fulton42.26

J.D. Gieson, Dixon42.3

Tucker Schoff, Bureau Valley43.27

Cooper Nelson, Amboy43.4

Ashton Rutherford, Oregon43.82

Jake Kleveland, Oregon44.75

Diego Aguilar, Sterling44.83

400 relay

State qualifying: 1A 44.64; 2A 43.54




Bureau Valley46.61


800 relay

State qualifying: 1A 1:33.74; 2A 1:31.74



Bureau Valley1:36



1,600 relay

State qualifying: 1A 3:31.74; 2A 3:27.44


Bureau Valley3:36.01




3,200 relay

State qualifying: 1A 8:24.24; 2A 8:15.24


Bureau Valley8:49.54




High jump

State qualifying: 1A 6-3; 2A 6-3

Gaije Fowkes, Sterling6-2

Cornell Hartz, Sterling6-1

Jake Adams, Oregon6-0

Brian Cavanaugh, Polo-Forreston6-0

Pierce Dhaese, Oregon6-0

Andrew Sparapani, Newman6-0

Conor Mooney, Bureau Valley5-10

Anthony McColley, West Carroll5-8

Trevor Otten, Oregon5-8

Adam Weller, Oregon5-8

Long jump

State qualifying: 1A 21-0; 2A 21-8

Cornell Hartz, Sterling21-7

Bryce Holesinger, Fulton20-4

J.D. Gieson, Dixon20-3

Brady Rude, Newman20-1 1/2

Jeremiah Blackert, Bureau Valley17-7

Tanner Meador, West Carroll16-1

Triple jump

State qualifying: 1A 42-0; 2A 43-8

Nolan McGinn, Newman41-9

Logan Hoffert, Bureau Valley41-2

Cornell Hartz, Sterling38-10

Rodney Gossard, Fulton38-1

Jake Kleveland, Oregon37-5

Devin Saunders, West Carroll35-2

Shot put

State qualifying: 1A 49-0; 2A 50-11

Josh Knie, Sterling43-7 1/2

Colby Dykstra, Fulton41-3

Justin Buckman, Bureau Valley40-0

Jacob Klein, West Carroll34-0


State qualifying: 1A 143-0; 2A 148-0

Troy Pudlas, Oregon139-2

Josh Knie, Sterling132-9

John Widener, Fulton132-4

Danny Daniels, Oregon131-7

Jacob Klein, West Carroll123-3 1/2

Chase Pierce, Bureau Valley108-2

Pole vault

State qualifying: 1A 13-0; 2A 13-3

Keanu Interone, Sterling13-0

Mark Schmidt, Oregon13-0

Ashton Rutherford, Oregon12-0

Cade Coursey, Sterling11-0

Ryan Taylor, Bureau Valley9-6

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