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Three-point shot is ruining basketball

Published: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

I watched a lot of basketball this past season. One thing is for sure, the three-point shot has to go.

I believe the three-point shot has ruined what could or would be a good ball game. College basketball will soon be like the pros – run and shoot. With a three-point shooter, all you need to do is feed him the ball and let him do all the scoring.

You can be 10 or 12 points ahead and all the other team has to do is make four quick 3s and they’re right back in the ball game, as was the case in the final game with Louisville and Michigan when Louisville did that very thing. Michigan made its 12-point lead on shots from the three-point line.

Let’s go back to more team play with set plays. College ball is the best there is, but the three-point shot is ruining a good sport. Most games are won with the three-point shot and the free throw line.

How many more changes are they going to make in the basketball rules? Let it alone. The three-point shot has to go.

I like team play – not a one-man show.

Basketball is a five-man team – not a one-man show.

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