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Sterling-Rock Falls Historical Society needs $45,000 more for learning annex

STERLING – Members of the Sterling-Rock Falls Historical Society have almost half the money needed to buy a building and expand the Lincoln-Manahan Home site.

So far, $40,300 of the $85,000 needed to buy the former C&E Glass building at 611 E. Third St., next to the museum, is in hand.

The historical society wants to buy it from the Bank of Paw Paw and turn it into the Lincoln Learning Center, which would be used for classrooms and other educational purposes.

“We think it’s important for kids to know history,” said Bill Abate, vice president of the historical society, adding that teachers wanted more space to develop courses for the children.

“You didn’t have to be too smart to figure out that would be a great place to have it,” he said of the building.

The historical society has a May 15 deadline to buy the building. Call 815-622-6215 to donate or for more information.

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