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Mayor should resign and let city move on

Published: Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

For the second time in less than a year, another community servant has been caught with a hand in the cookie jar.

On April 18, 2012, the mayor’s office issued a statement after the Crundwell arrest. In that statement, Mayor Burke said, “New policies are being put in place so this never happens again.”

Is it safe to say that your policy changes aren’t working?

On top of that, Sauk Valley Media ran a story before the election about Mayor Burke using city letterhead to endorse a candidate from Rock Falls. I would think that, in light of the dark pall cast on Dixon by Rita Crundwell, everyone employed by the city would be doing only city business at city hall.

Regardless of the amount or value of the city letterhead, it is still theft of city resources.

I am 99 percent sure Mr. Burke did not type or fax that letter himself; a secretary on the city payroll did it. Even if Mr. Burke did it himself, it was still done on city-owned equipment, on city-paid-for paper, and a long distance phone call was placed on a city line to send Mr. Burke’s personal endorsement. All those things cost the taxpayers of Dixon money.

As mayor, Jim Burke is ultimately responsible for everything that happens at city hall. Under his “watchful eye,” two city employees have been caught stealing from the city, and SVM reported on his misuse of city resources. It is well past time for Mr. Burke to step down as mayor. 

Mr. Burke, please don’t embarrass the city of Dixon by having your family stand outside city hall with signs saying they support you, as they did this time last year; just step aside and let the city move on.

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