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Fix mess; add stoplights; help new business

Published: Friday, April 19, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Remember Ronald Reagan’s “Tear down that wall?” Well, it’s time for the citizens of Dixon to tell Eller & Willey Block Co., “Tear down that filthy mess.”

Go down Palmyra Road (the old Sterling-Dixon highway) and see what has happened to that cement block and septic tank company. It’s an absolute junk yard collapsing at every seam.

Don’t the owners of that mess have any civic pride?

If they won’t do it, then the city and county need to take them to court and make them clean up that fallen-down, visually toxic site. The Telegraph should put the picture on the front page and embarrass the heck out of the owners.

So, an incredible new business is opening just down the road: Bombdigity Bar and Grill. This place is going to bring out-of-towners in from, I’d guess, a 30-mile radius. And, what will people have to drive by? A pile of rot. That’s this new business’s first issue. 

Second, people will leave this incredible place and then face an intersection that IDOT could care less about. I know because I called them. That intersection is the most dangerous in Dixon and demands stop lights. You turn left, you have to watch two lanes of traffic from people heading east and barreling down that two-lane highway at who knows what speed. Your trick is to make the turn into the best lane so you don’t get hit.

Shame on you, IDOT. I bet you’ll do something when the first person is killed at that intersection after leaving this new, incredibly beautiful, 170-seat sports bar and grill. 

Citizens of Dixon – help make this new restaurant a huge success and call IDOT for your own safety, and write the Telegraph about the dump on the northwest side of Dixon.

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