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Time to get series about nutrition

A year ago, concussions were en vogue. Now, wellness is abuzz. So, the people who brought you "The Hidden Injury" are excited to present a new SVM summer series on the relationship between the foods we eat and how we compete.

The wifey is a huge fan of the fitness and weight-loss site sparkpeople.com. Yet again, it's taken longer than it should, but I'm about to follow her lead.

I am ready to publicly admit it. I have man boobs. If you've watched one of our Pigskin Primer or SVM Hoopin' videos, you probably already knew that.

I work out at least 5 days a week and consider my workout pretty comprehensive, an even balance of cardio and lifting. Even during workout training, I could've filled an A-cup.

So what's with the manmaries? Well, first off, everyone's built differently. Second, I'm 33 now. Third, my job most often finds me at a computer.

But, there's a more significant factor I've overlooked way too long.

My diet leaves something to be desired.

It's light years better than it was before I met my better half. But I'm ready to commit to taking it to a whole new level by tracking every calorie, fat gram and ounce of water that enters my body.

I've been thinking about doing it for a while, and it's one of a few reasons I'm excited about a sports nutrition series that we'll feature in SVM Sports sections this summer.

About a year ago, athletic trainer Shane Brown informed me that Dr. Michael DeFranco had established a concussion team and program at CGH. I'd already been thinking about addressing the subject and, with the help of DeFranco and many, many others, we won an Associated Press Sports Editors award for "The Hidden Injury."

The yet-to-be-named nutrition series will also appear every other week this summer, and I'll figure out what it will cover the same way I did a year ago: by asking the professionals.

We'll hold a sports nutrition "summit" - more of a think tank, really - in a couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to picking the brains of the fine nutritionists in the Sauk Valley, as well as coaches and athletes.

I've already got a couple of ideas for topics, and I really think there's going to be a lot to unearth on the subject.

I was inspired by the diet that fuels Newman softball pitcher Laura Turnroth, whose options are limited by some highly unusual allergies. I'd be interested to know how many other local athletes keep up a highly natural diet.

I wonder that, because I've heard from a lot of prepsters that their diet couldn't be further from natural.

In fact, I've stumbled upon Twitter conversations in which teenagers consult their followers on what pre-workout fuel they're consuming and why. That can't be good, kids asking kids what they should put in their bodies. Especially since I guarantee a lot of that fuel is full of stuff that's downright bad for them. There's more successfully marketed toxic sludge sold today than ever before.

Also, per Sterling grad and SVM part-timer Patrick Petrosky, I gather many of those products are banned on the college level.

There's a lot of areas to explore, and I'm excited. During the series, the Extra! Extra! blog will also become my nutritional newsletter, in which I'll keep you updated on my journey to better health.

Email Christopher Heimerman at cheimerman@saukvalley.com or follow @CHeimerman_SVM on Twitter.

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