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Storey for road commissioner

Published: Saturday, April 6, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

If you live in Wildcat Ridge Subdivision in Palmyra Township, you are aware of how difficult it is during the winter, especially with heavy snowfalls, to navigate less than 1 mile to reach the safety of Palmyra Road.

The lack of plowed township roads makes it hard to get to work safely and on time.  The difference is Palmyra Road is maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation, and the roads in and leading to Wildcat Ridge are maintained by Palmyra Township. Residents understand the quest.

Derrick Storey is running for Palmyra Township road commissioner. He is energetic and has the experience and drive to safeguard residents of Palmyra Township so each can safely travel on township roads. He has 12 years of township road maintenance experience, including managing snow and ice control.

Derrick is committed to providing safe roads and has developed a plan to take a team approach to ice and snow control. Derrick has attended Palmyra Township meetings for the past year, gaining intimate experience with Palmyra Township government and formulating plans to improve the office of Palmyra Township road commissioner.

Vote Derrick Storey for Palmyra Township road commissioner on April 9. I know I will.

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