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The Secular Jihad

Published: Friday, March 29, 2013 4:46 p.m. CDT

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A large schism has developed in America over the last few decades. Brother has turned against brother in a bloodless Civil War of Angry Words that has divided the nation in a manner not seen since the Civil War. Similar to the Civil War, the underlying cause for the divide is hidden behind diversionary debates on problems of lesser importance.

The root cause of the Civil War was the unresolved slavery question. The continuing legitimacy of slavery violated the founding principles of the Constitution. It was tolerated as a necessary temporary compromise in 1787 to achieve ratification of the Constitution and unite the colonies.

Economic interests, the entrenched southern culture, and the question of forfeiting property rights (slaves were considered property) were hotly debated in the mid-19th century. But they were secondary to resolving the immoral compromise that that continued to undermine the integrity of the nation. The slavery issue had to be settled, or two nations would result - one free under the Constitution, the other being nothing but a disguised serfdom. Lincoln understood the gravity of the situation and took the necessary action to put the country back on high moral ground.

Today, a wolf has appeared in America with good intentions, saying that he only wants the sheep of the nation to be protected from harm, to be healthy, and to enjoy the Barnyard Dream. The wolf states that the farm is far from perfect and he has the solution. He declares that the greedy farmer has more than he needs and barnyard justice demands that the sheep get their fair share. The last chapter of this fairy tale has been seen countless times in history. Augustus of Rome, Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Castro and dozens of third-world dictatorships reveal the outcome when the wolf runs the farm.

The wolf in America today is secular humanism, a rigid, close-minded belief in the superiority of man's mind to act as a surrogate god in solving the problems of the world. The debate on the national level seldom recognizes the core problem - that there is a growing concentration of power in the hands of an elite minority class promoting a scientific materialistic that undermines the Constitution. Instead, the debate "on stage" focuses on secondary minutia such as party affiliations, economics, health care, inequality, bigotry, and a host of other issues that fog the mortal danger.

To gain political leverage, secular humanism hides behind the nobility of liberalism, thus duping many well intentioned Americans. Liberalism traditionally has been a legitimate viewpoint in tune with the safeguards of the Constitution. However the wave of secular humanism spreading throughout the world is in direct conflict with the American principal of "liberty of conscience." Secular humanism is intolerant of alternative beliefs. It rejects the concept of a "creator" that is above the government and is the source of certain inalienable rights granted to each individual. Instead, man's mind becomes the sole source of wisdom and rights.

Secular humanism is known by many names, but they all espouse essentially the same philosophy. Progressive humanism, scientific materialism and democratic humanism reject religious or other metaphysical moral values and embraces human reason, ethics, and social justice as the determinates of individual behavior. The elite high priests of the government decide through a "democratic" voting process what is "right" and "wrong." Morality becomes a popularity contest.

Any belief system, be it religious, atheist or agnostic, has been welcome in America. Everyone is free to follow his conscience, as long as he permits others to do likewise. Our diversity of opinion expressed in a group conscience has fostered the exceptional moral growth of American since its founding. America's past moral progress is a fact of history. Historically, when governments originate and enforce "politically correct" behavior that trumps individual liberty of conscience, government corruption flourishes. This fact can be observed in Washington today.

If America is to recover from the downward spiral in moral values, it will be because the people awake and defend the Constitution. The solution to America's problems lies with the people and will come from the heart, not the head.

Only the American people can halt the spread of the secular power virus through united positive political action. Otherwise our present federal government, drunk with power, has and will continue to strive to eliminate God, as you chose to understand him, as well as the Constitution. We must return to a government of the people, by the people and for the people or the wolf will decide the menu.

Len Michaels 3/27/2013

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