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Perversion of matrimony defies reason

Published: Friday, March 29, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Matrimony is literally defined as the “office or state of motherhood,” and the act of bestowing that office or state is traditionally what happens through the marriage of a man and a woman.

What makes marriage distinct among all the varied and sundry relationships between human beings is, quite simply, its creative energy or potential, and all the vast array of risks and rewards that set it aside as a societal privilege.

There is no other relationship known to man that is or can be the same without a perversion of its obvious intent. Opinion and debate to the contrary cannot change the irrefutable: only a man and a woman can become one flesh, and some day, God forbid, that fact could be the only thing that stands between us and our extinction.

Let’s not fool or flatter ourselves. There is no other union among human beings that is rightfully the same or that should be recognized as such in any court of law, and to insist otherwise mocks our senses and defies human reason.

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