The dud period

If the first two diddies of this semifinal tilt were chart-toppers, the third wasn't even played on your community-college radio station.

OK, so it wasn't terrible. But there were all sorts of missed shots (many of them free throws), unforced turnovers and even some standing around and watching during the third period. It concluded with Dalton Shaner hitting two badly needed freebies with 1.7 seconds left and giving Eastland a 34-33 lead.

Even the best shows have those relatively boring, plot-development episodes. Think Breaking Bad. Walter White couldn't have a Mexican standoff with the Cartel in every installment.

We'll see what the all-important fourth period has in store. Eastland fans everywhere are hoping against hope that it's not a season finale.

My favorite character for the moment, Skylar Paulson, should make his return after missing the last half of the third after picking up his third.

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