Define physical

The physical component of play is huge for Eastland. I'm trying to figure out exactly how much the officials are going to let the Cougars flex that advantage.

It's early. The game is only 8 minutes old. But I'm already curious how much the officials are going to let Eastland use the deadliest arrow in its quiver: the Cougars' physicality.

Early on, there were a couple of tic-tac fouls called. In the final 2 minutes, I counted three (glaring, really) fouls that went by the boards. Most notably, Shaner appeared to have a cape on a jumper, the Trojan he blew by left with a handful of jersey.

But in the closing seconds, Shaner got away with a monster hack, as Angel Sierra noted. I told you Angel came to play today. Got a bonus analyst. We'll take all the help we can get.

Bottom line? The physical component of play, yet again, is going to be telling in this one.

As I finish this entry, Eastland has made it a 16-13 lead.

Are we having fun yet?

Yes. Yes we are.

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