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Concealed carry still isn't the answer

Published: Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

I don't know how many letters to the editor about concealed carry were generated by my letter, but from some of the letters I've read so far, it makes me think of somebody else. His name is Captain Marvel.

In one letter, a person said if he had had a gun, he could have gotten out and shot at this person. Really, stop and think about it. A man comes around the corner of a building shooting a person. You see it, so it probably takes a couple of seconds. Then you say, “I'm going to get my gun out and shoot him,” and probably it takes a couple of more seconds to get it out. He spots you, which is probably right after he shot this guy. A couple of more seconds, and he turns and shoots you.

Most ordinary people aren't trained to react quickly to such a situation – maybe a police officer or somebody in the military. Panic is really the first thing a person experiences.  Best bet in a situation like that is to fall to the ground to give this person less of an object to shoot at. 

Did this even occur to you? Now, to compare 20 years ago to now. There are cameras that could be put up to survey the area plus there are cell phones that one can use.

I still say giving a person a permit to carry a gun isn't the answer. Even a police officer, if surprised by someone with a gun, still may get shot.

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