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Pro Football Weekly Updated Draft Guide

2012-2013 Girls Basketball Leaders

Published: Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 12:10 a.m. CDT

Points per game

Sam Lambrigtsen, Oregon jr.17.9

Brooke Bailey, Dixon jr.17.8

Sarah Matson, AFC sr.14.3

Aleetra Roberts, Polo sr.14.2

Alisyn Essex, AFC so.14.1

Morgan Mammosser, Rock Falls sr.12.6

Emylyn Wright, Oregon so.12.3

Riley Walters, Prophetstown sr.12.2

Jordan Giddings, Rock Falls sr.11.8

Rachel Hageman, Newman sr.11.8

Lexis Macomber, Eastland so.11.8

Cassie Reiley, Prophetstown sr.11.5

Morgan Sanquist, Fulton sr.11.5

Mary Alice Oswalt, Newman sr.11.4

Ieshia Larson, West Carroll sr.10.9

Morgan Wierema, Fulton sr.10.9

Kiarra Harris, Sterling jr.10.7

Sarah Smith, Faith Christian fr.10.5

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll sr.10.5

Kaitlyn Liebing, Amboy so.10.0

Autumn Smith, Amboy sr.9.5

Tressa Schuler, Faith Christian so.9.2

Amanda Smith, Faith Christian sr.9.1

Stephanie Kester, Sterling sr.9.0

Courtney Walker, Eastland jr.9.0

Brooke Lovgren, Amboy sr.8.9

McKaylee Beeter, Oregon jr.8.8

Bailey Schrader, Rock Falls so.8.7

Clare Kramer, Prophetstown so.8.4

Chelsea Eads, Morrison jr.8.2

Keeley Meyer, Polo so.8.1

Lakin Goodman, Morrison so.8.0

Kaitlyn Bauer, Sterling jr.7.7

Nicole Bornsheuer, Bureau Valley jr.7.4

Devyn Absher, Oregon sr.6.8

Hannah Hake, Eastland jr.6.6

Rebounds per game

Ieshia Larson, West Carroll sr.10.5

Morgan Wierema, Fulton sr. 10.1

Ashley Greul, Morrison so.8.9

Heaven Bennett, Bureau Valley so.8.8

Lexis Macomber, Eastland so.8.6

Kaitlyn Liebing, Amboy so.8.4

Keeley Meyer, Polo so.8.1

Autumn Smith, Amboy sr.8.0

Alisyn Essex, AFC so.7.5

Kiarra Harris, Sterling jr.7.4

Aleetra Roberts, Polo sr.7.1

Nicole Bornsheuer, Bureau Valley jr.6.9

Kaylee Vos, West Carroll sr.6.5

Morgan Sanquist, Fulton sr.6.4

Kelsey Taylor, Polo sr.6.3

Jordan Giddings, Rock Falls sr.6.2

Rachel Hageman, Newman sr.6.2

Hannah Hake, Eastland jr.5.8

Irini Petros, Bureau Valley so.5.7

Sarah Matson, AFC sr.5.5

Adrienne Banks, Morrison so.5.2

Tressa Schuler, Faith Christian so.5.1

Emylyn Wright, Oregon so.5.1

Rachel Beiermann, Fulton jr.5.0

Bailey Schrader, Rock Falls so.5.0

Brooke Bailey, Dixon jr.4.6

Brianna Tourtillott, Oregon sr.4.6

Riley Walters, Prophetstown sr.4.6

Miranda Grisham, Eastland jr.4.4

Kaitlyn Bauer, Sterling jr.4.3

Brooke Lovgren, Amboy sr.4.3

Devyn Absher, Oregon sr.4.2

Kaitlyn Appleman, Amboy sr.3.6

Tori Welch, Amboy sr.3.6

McKaylee Beeter, Oregon jr.3.3

Carly Hartle, Dixon so.3.2

Sam Lambrigtsen, Oregon jr.3.1

Assists per game

Aubree Schmitt, Newman so.5.4

Morgan Mammosser, Rock Falls sr.4.3

Kennedy Dinges, Amboy so.3.9

Lauren Meurer, AFC so.3.9

Kelsey Taylor, Polo sr.3.5

Brooke Bailey, Dixon jr.3.4

Cassie Reiley, Prophetstown sr.3.3

Rachel Beiermann, Fulton jr.3.2

Katherine Wayne, Fulton sr.3.1

Sam Lambrigtsen, Oregon jr.2.7

McKenna Pearson, Sterling sr.2.7

Brecken Albrecht, Polo sr.2.5

Kiarra Harris, Sterling jr.2.5

Haley Miller, Eastland sr.2.4

Brianna Tourtillott, Oregon sr.2.3

Gabby Sandoval, Sterling so.2.2

Brooke Lovgren, Amboy sr.2.1

Kaitlyn Appleman, Amboy sr.2.0

Alina Llanas, Polo sr.1.9

Izy Todd, Eastland jr.1.8

Jordan Giddings, Rock Falls sr.1.7

Katelin Johnson, Bureau Valley jr.1.7

Linsey Brown, Rock Falls sr.1.6

Lakin Goodman, Morrisonso.1.6

Bailey Schrader, Rock Falls so.1.5

McKaylee Beeter, Oregon jr.1.4

Emylyn Wright, Oregon so.1.4

Chelsea Eads, Morrison jr.1.1

Stephanie Kester, Sterling jr.1.1

Shannon Reuter, Bureau Valley jr.1.1

Raquel Romano, Sterling jr.1.1

Autumn Smith, Amboy sr.1.1

Steals per game

Sarah Smith, Faith Christian fr.5.3

Amanda Smith, Faith Christian sr.4.2

Sam Lambrigtsen, Oregon jr.3.9

Emylyn Wright, Oregon so.3.8

Brooke Bailey, Dixon jr.3.2

Corrie Reiley, Prophetstown so.3.2

Sarah Matson, AFC sr.3.1

Morgan Mammosser, Rock Falls sr.2.8

Rachel Beiermann, Fulton jr.2.7

Riley Walters, Prophetstown sr.2.6

Brecken Albrecht, Polo sr.2.3

Kiarra Harris, Sterling jr.2.3

Mary Alice Oswalt, Newman sr.2.3

Tressa Schuler, Faith Christian so.2.3

Katherine Wayne, Fulton sr.2.3

Krista Beach, Faith Christian so.2.1

Kennedy Dinges, Amboy so.2.1

Alisyn Essex, AFC so.2.1

Julie Hurd, Newman so.2.1

Lauren Meurer, AFC so.2.0

Chelsea Eads, Morrison jr.1.9

Brooke Lovgren, Amboy sr.1.9

Aubree Schmitt, Newman so.1.9

Kelsey Taylor, Polo sr.1.9

Heaven Bennett, Bureau Valley so.1.8

Katrina Lowry, Faith Christian so.1.8

Gabby Sandoval, Sterling so.1.8

Jordan Giddings, Rock Falls sr.1.7

Lakin Goodman, Morrison so.1.7

Aleetra Roberts, Polo sr.1.7

Brianna Tourtillott, Oregon sr.1.6

Kaitlyn Liebing, Amboy so.1.5

Katelin Johnson, Bureau Valley jr.1.4

Nicole Bornsheuer, Bureau Valley jr.1.3

McKenna Pearson, Sterling sr.1.3

Hannah Hake, Eastland jr.1.2

Kaitlyn Appleman, Amboy sr.1.1

McKaylee Beeter, Oregon jr.1.1

Courtney Walker, Eastland jr.1.1

Devyn Absher, Oregon sr.1.0

Kaitlyn Bauer, Sterling jr.1.0

Autumn Smith, Amboy sr.1.0

Blocks per game

Morgan Wierema, Fulton sr.2.7

Autumn Smith, Amboy sr.2.4

Morgan Sanquist, Fulton sr.1.4

Lexis Macomber, Eastland so.1.3

Tressa Schuler, Faith so.1.2

Miranda Grisham, Eastland jr.1.0

Kiarra Harris, Sterling jr.1.0

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