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2012-2013 Boys Basketball Leaders

Published: Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013 12:10 a.m. CST

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Points per game

Steven Armoska, Rock Falls sr.22.3

Caleb Mowry, Oregon sr.19.9

Tyson Powers, Amboy sr.19.5

AJ Dollmeyer, Polo jr.16.7

Parker Neuhalfen, Bureau Valley so.15.3

Troy Mairs, AFC jr.14.5

Zach Rehmert, Sterling jr.13.7

Cal Jarrett, Dixon so.13.0

Brady Bushman, Polo sr.12.9

Tommy Johnston, Bureau Valley so.12.9

A.J. Sharp, Newman jr.12.0

Damon Quest, Amboy jr.11.6

Kyle Moore, Newman sr.11.4

Tommy Losch, West Carroll sr.11.3

Bret Gittleson, AFC so.11.2

Brian Cavanaugh, Polo jr.10.9

Trevor Jones, West Carroll jr.10.9

Ermir Ramadani, AFC sr.10.8

Jordan Harris, Milledgeville so.10.2

Brian Lange, Bureau Valley sr.10.2

Nick Fish, Fulton sr.10.0

John Widener, Fulton sr.9.5

Jordan Bacero, West Carroll sr.9.3

Jessie McKinley Jr., Oregon jr.9.3

Brad Cavanaugh, Polo fr.9.1

Kaleb Ebersole, Milledgeville sr.9.1

Adam Dettman, Faith Christian sr.9.0

Alex Volckmann, Morrison sr.9.0

Laron Carr, Dixon so.8.9

Isaac Weber, Faith Christian sr.8.9

T.J. Huizenga, Fulton sr.8.1

Caleb Skoog, Milledgeville jr.7.9

Kameron DawTyne, Milledgeville jr.7.5

Tre Whittaker, Sterling sr.7.1

Zack Everett, Sterling sr.6.9

Nic Miller, Newman sr.6.8

Micah Miller, Sterling jr.6.5

Zach Quaco, Polo jr.6.5

Zach Herin, Milledgeville jr.6.4

Hunter Hamstra, Morrison so.6.3

Sterling Thorton, Sterling fr.6.0

Kyle Meurs, Morrison sr.5.9

Matt Coffey, Dixon so.5.8

Nick McClanahan, AFC sr.5.8

Alex Soriano, Sterling jr.5.8

Matt Gendusa, AFC jr.5.0

Bill Lee Greul, Morrison jr.4.8

Matt Wilkens, Morrison sr.4.7

Nolan McGinn, Newman so.4.4

Lucas Terveer, Newman sr.4.3

Doug Williams, Milledgeville sr.4.2

Brock Deter, Morrison sr.4.1

Austin Reeder, Polo sr.4.1

Rebounds per game

Isaac Weber, Faith Christian sr.14.3

AJ Dollmeyer, Polo jr.10.3

Troy Mairs, AFC jr.9.7

Caleb Mowry, Oregon sr.8.5

Trevor Jones, West Carroll jr.8.3

Steven Armoska, Rock Falls sr.8.0

Cal Jarrett, Dixon so.7.9

Kyle Moore, Newman sr.7.7

Caleb Skoog, Milledgeville jr.7.2

Tanner Behrends, Amboy sr.6.0

Tyson Powers, Amboy sr.6.0

Jessie McKinley Jr., Oregon jr.5.9

Tommy Johnston, Bureau Valley so.5.8

Alex Cain, Oregon sr.5.7

Kameron DawTyne, Milledgeville jr.5.6

Zack Everett, Sterling sr.5.6

Jake Willging, Fulton jr.5.6

Tommy Losch, West Carroll sr.5.4

Ermir Ramadani, AFC sr.5.3

Isaiah Roby, Dixon fr.5.2

Nick Fish, Fulton sr.5.0

Alec Ketter, Oregon sr.5.0

Jordan Bacero, West Carroll sr.4.8

Bret Gittleson, AFC so.4.8

Jordan Ernst, Amboy jr.4.6

Micah Miller, Sterling jr.4.5

Paul Rod, AFC sr.4.4

Hunter Hamstra, Morrison so.4.3

John Widener, Fulton sr.4.3

Kyle Meurs, Morrison sr.4.2

Austin Reeder, Polo sr.4.2

Lucas Terveer, Newman sr.4.2

Nick McClanahan, AFC sr.4.1

Tre Whittaker, Sterling sr.4.1

Brian Cavanaugh, Polo jr.4.0

Doug Williams, Milledgeville sr.3.9

Jordan Harris, Milledgeville so.3.8

Daniel Walker, Milledgeville jr.3.8

Max Simmons, Polo so.3.6

Chase Shetter, Sterling sr.3.3

Zach Herin, Milledgeville jr.3.1

Noah McCarty, Newman fr.3.1

Bill Lee Greul, Morrison jr.2.9

Nic Miller, Newman sr.2.9

Alex Volckmann, Morrison sr.2.9

Brad Cavanaugh, Polo fr.2.8

A.J. Sharp, Newman jr.2.8

Nolan McGinn, Newman so.2.7

Brock Deter, Morrison sr.2.6

Kaleb Ebersole, Milledgeville sr.2.6

Zach Quaco, Polo jr.2.6

Matt Gendusa, AFC jr.2.5

Bentley Grell, Stering jr.2.5

Assists per game

Nick Hughes, West Carroll sr.5.6

Damon Quest, Amboy jr.4.0

Alex Leaf, Rock Falls sr.3.8

Lucas Terveer, Newman sr.3.5

Jordan Harris, Milledgeville so.3.3

Austin Babcock, Rock Falls sr.3.1

Brian Cavanaugh, Polo jr.3.1

Kameron DawTyne, Milledgeville jr.3.0

Frank Gebeck, Bureau Valley sr.3.0

Jessie McKinley Jr., Oregon jr.2.9

Alex Volckmann, Morrison sr.2.7

Brad Cavanaugh, Polo fr.2.6

Caleb Skoog, Milledgeville jr.2.5

Adam Dettman, Faith Christian sr.2.3

Ermir Ramadani, AFC sr.2.3

Brady Bushman, Polo sr.2.2

T.J. Huizenga, Fulton sr.2.2

A.J. Sharp, Newman jr.2.2

Blake Hudson, Faith Christian sr.2.1

Cal Jarrett, Dixon so.2.1

Tommy Losch, West Carroll sr.2.1

Nick McClanahan, AFC sr.2.1

Laron Carr, Dixon so.2.0

Bret Gittleson, AFC so.1.8

Nic Miller, Newman sr.1.8

Austin Reeder, Polo sr.1.8

Micah Trancoso, Newman jr.1.8

Matt Gendusa, AFC jr.1.7

Nate Terveer, Newman jr.1.7

Tanner DeWitt, Sterling sr.1.6

Kyle Moore, Newman sr.1.6

Paul Rod, AFC sr.1.5

Sawyer Frano, Polo jr.1.4

Cornell Hartz, Serling sr.1.4

Zach Quaco, Polo jr.1.3

Matt Wilkens, Morrison sr.1.2

Steals per game

Nick McClanahan, AFC sr.4.6

Brad Cavanaugh, Polo fr.2.8

Jessie McKinley Jr., Oregon jr.2.8

Brady Bushman, Polo sr.2.5

Tyson Powers, Amboy sr.2.5

Brian Cavanaugh, Polo jr.2.4

Tre Whittaker, Sterling sr.2.3

Nick Hughes, West Carroll sr.2.2

Austin Babcock, Rock Falls sr.2.1

Alex Leaf, Rock Falls sr.2.1

Steven Armoska, Rock Falls sr.2.0

Blake Hudson, Faith Christian sr.2.0

T.J. Huizenga, Fulton sr.2.0

Micah Trancoso, Newman jr.2.0

Alex Cain, Oregon sr.1.9

Tommy Losch, West Carroll sr.1.9

Paul Rod, AFC sr.1.9

Cal Jarrett, Dixon so.1.8

Parker Neuhalfen, Bureau Valley so.1.8

Isaac Weber, Faith Christian sr.1.8

Kameron DawTyne, Milledgeville jr.1.7

Cornell Hartz, Sterling sr.1.7

Alex Volckmann, Morrison sr.1.7

Ermir Ramadani, AFC sr.1.6

A.J. Sharp, Newman jr.1.6

Kyle Moore, Newman sr.1.5

Zach Rehmert, Sterling jr.1.5

Sawyer Frano, Polo jr.1.4

Frank Gebeck, Bureau Valley sr.1.4

Bret Gittleson, AFC so.1.4

Travis Hartman, West Carroll jr.1.4

Lucas Terveer, Newman sr.1.4

Zack Everett, Sterling sr.1.3

Troy Mairs, AFC jr.1.3

Nic Miller, Newman sr.1.3

Nate Terveer, Newman jr.1.3

Zach Quaco, Polo jr.1.3

Laron Carr, Dixon so.1.2

Kaleb Ebersole, Milledgeville sr.1.2

Austin Reeder, Polo sr.1.2

Max Simmons, Polo so.1.2

Micah Miller, Sterling jr.1.1

AJ Dollmeyer, Polo jr.1.0

Jordan Harris, Milledgeville so.1.0

Caleb Skoog, Milledgeville jr.1.0

Alex Soriano, Sterling jr.1.0

Blocks per game

Isaac Weber, Faith Christian sr.3.2

AJ Dollmeyer, Polo jr.1.9

Kyle Moore, Newman sr.1.9

Cal Jarrett, Dixon so.1.7

Troy Mairs, AFC jr.1.4

Caleb Skoog, Milledgeville jr.1.4

Nick McClanahan, AFC sr.1.3

Trevor Jones, West Carroll jr.1.1

Micah Miller, Sterling jr.1.1

Jordan Harris, Milledgeville so.1.0

Isaiah Roby, Dixon fr.1.0

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