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Time to renew custom of ‘hats off’ to women

Published: Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

Men do not wear hats in buildings. This is the rule of etiquette that I was taught as a kid. Do you think that the sex equality business changed all that?

I’m sure you don’t believe this. I see examples of politeness everyday. Restaurateurs don’t bother; generally, they just want to serve you.

We were having work done on the outside of the house, and one of the workmen came to the front door. He was about mid-20s. He started to raise a question, and then he took one step back and removed his baseball cap.

I looked back behind me, and my wife was coming up to join us.

I said, “Who taught you to do that?”

He replied, “My mother or grandmother would have clipped me behind the earhole if I hadn’t acknowledged a lady.”

True story and very nice. Perhaps too much pomp, but come on, ladies. You can’t like sitting across from a man wearing a cap. Tell him that if he respects you, take it off.

You think it’s difficult to remove your cap? What about our state troopers?

Come on, guys. On Feb. 14, make it start day. Hats off.

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