$1.5 million grant to help fix what’s ailing rec center

Nash to undergo roof, pool upgrades, get more energy-efficient

OREGON – Patrons of the pool at Nash Recreation Center will need to find a new place to swim this summer, while the facility undergoes renovation.

The Oregon Park District has won a $1.5 million Parks and Recreation Facility Construction grant, which will help cover the upgrades. Bids will be opened Thursday and work tentatively is scheduled for May through July.

The park district must pay 25 percent of the total costs.

The district’s capital improvement plan, established in 2007, calls for roof and plumbing repairs. Windows in the pool area will be replaced, plumbing for the pool and spa will be upgraded or replaced, and the pool filter will be reconditioned. The planter boxes in the pool area will be removed, which will create a wider deck area.

The iron filtration system will be replaced, and the water service to the building increased. Air handlers on the roof will be updated, and solar panels will be installed using money from another grant.

The newer equipment and materials will be more energy-efficient. “Our goal is to reduce the energy costs of the building,” said Don Griffin, the district’s superintendent of environmental services.

The district is working with the Byron Park District, so patrons can use the pool there, or Oregon Park District pass holders can turn in their pass during the closure and get credit on their account.

Information on closures will be posted at www.oregonpark.org and at Nash.