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Stout guy in a red suit bears scrutiny, too

Published: Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Lately, there have been many letters to the editor about the Nativity scene at the Old Lee County Courthouse. Many people have written in against the symbolism of the display.  Well, let me chime in.

For those who say the display is an infringement to their beliefs, I say this: What about the belief of our beloved Santa Claus?

Are you seriously going to speak against a display of the true meaning of Christmas, yet stand by while our children attending (public) school are exposed to the story of a fat man in a red suit with white hair, who rides a magic sleigh driven by magical flying reindeer, of whom the leader has a glowing red nose?

This amazing man slides down our chimneys while carrying a sack that holds enough toys for the entire world. He then eats all the milk and cookies he can find, finally sliding back up the chimney, and then flies off to do it all again.

Come on, really? Isn’t the idea of Santa Claus a religious view, too? Isn’t teaching our children the story of Santa Claus in school an expression of the First Amendment, too?

I personally think that teaching our children about Santa Claus in schools can be just as offensive as a Nativity scene on the Old Courthouse lawn.

You don’t want to see Christ in a manger on a public lawn. Well, in our schools, I don’t want my children wishing for an obese man in a red suit climbing down my chimney and eating my food. If the schools can do Santa (which is a public domain), then why, oh why, can’t we see a Nativity on a public lawn?

Just a thought.

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