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Opposes RICL transmission line project

Published: Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

RICL? The Rock Island Clean Line project is being praised as a benefit to our local economy. Many people have been told that electric rates will even go down once the project is complete and of the thousands of jobs it will create.

The Clean Line project is a flawed business plan making a few people very wealthy at the expense of many. The plan is to bring mega high-voltage DC lines from collecting stations in western Iowa and Nebraska across hundreds of miles to stations where the power can be converted to useable AC electricity for large populations like Chicago and the Eastern Seaboard. Not one kilowatt can be used along the line itself.

Yes, several hundred people will be trained to construct those huge towers (made in China), but once finished, the jobs are gone. Clean Line has made numerous financial promises to businesses, local government, and landowners in states it must pass through that will ultimately increase the cost of its product and the electricity where supplied.

These mega high-voltage lines would cut through the middle of valuable farmland, disrupting crucial farm operations and lowering yields permanently. Once the company has eminent domain (where they obtain the right to take your land regardless of your losses), there will be no compensation for later land increases, compaction or disruption caused to the soil when building or repairing. They would have the right to lay numerous lines anytime in later years.

There have been few or no studies done on long-term effects of these mega high-voltage lines regarding health issues or the disruption of satellite services, be it phone, television, Internet, or GPS signals.

Until those important issues are addressed and a cohesive energy plan is formed and presented to all Illinois residents, we need to oppose RICL and other unneeded transmission projects from cutting through our area.

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