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Driver’s licenses for illegals is the wrong approach

Published: Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Sin and immorality sneak into a person’s life one small step at a time, normally. Small steps are generally bigger at the government level.

On Jan. 27, Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a measure that gives illegal immigrants the right to an Illinois driver’s license. The bill was sponsored by none other than a Chicago Democrat, and according to news reports will make legal driving privileges available for some 250,000 illegal immigrants. Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Yes, America is a melting pot, and we’re a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. My own family came generations ago from England and Germany.

During that time of rapid population growth through immigration, things were done differently. Millions came into the U.S. legally, more than willing to follow procedures to become U.S. citizens as quickly as possible, and proud of their citizenship once obtained.

They came, knowing that hard work and learning a new language and new way of life were to be expected, and they did it willingly. They came knowing the key to their success was hard work, not counting on the government to simply hand them everything.

That same principle still holds for those who come legally. However, it’s a whole different ball game with illegal immigrants. The key here is “illegal.”

We have a state government that should be upholding both state and national constitutions, but instead chooses to ignore immigration laws that our own ancestors followed. Illinois will now reward illegal immigrants who are in violation of laws simply by being here, with some of the same privileges that legal citizens have.

That may be a giant step for the immigrant community, but it’s also a giant step toward the definitive weakening and dilution of our law-abiding society when our government chooses to reward those who violate our very laws by their very presence.

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