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Once again, vote no on sales tax increase

Published: Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

On the April 9 ballot, voters and taxpayers in Ogle, Lee and Whiteside counties will be asked whether or not to approve 1 percentage point sales tax increases. Just this past November, Lee County voters rejected this sales tax increase by nearly 60 percent.  Whiteside County voters have rejected this tax question on multiple occasions in years past. 

With everyone's payroll tax going up 2 percent Jan. 1 (along with the top marginal tax rate), Illinois' corporate and income tax increase now being 2 years old, and the decline in the average household income that has taken place over the last few years, we taxpayers in Ogle, Lee and Whiteside counties simply don't have any more to give to government.

Between now and April 9, all of you who have voted against these 1 percentage point sales tax increases in the past need to make sure you get to the polls and bring someone with you.

All of you who complain day after day about how much government at all levels is taking from you, make sure you get to the polls April 9.

Everyone who thinks that they are taxed enough already, please make sure you vote in April, and make sure you bring someone to the polls with you.

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