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In search of divine help for government

Many newspaper readers spend a long time in the classified ads. They patiently search for an item needed or perhaps usable – a bargain, a collector's piece, or some treasure.

The “help wanted” section is a worn section. Here is a thought. “Wanted: God to offer immediate help and emergency assistance to the president of the United States of America, the president's staff, the Senate and House, and include the Supreme Court.” That's a huge request, God.

It relies heavily on God's love and mercy. Our great leaders of the past had to have a tremendous relationship with God. The etchings, writings and engravings manifest that  – the memorials of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

Why do our leaders in the Capitol believe that they have the right to support the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize abortion on Jan. 22, 1973? The Supreme Court usurped God's authority – the creator of life. The unborn human life has the right to life, too; the same as the school children.

What's next? Traditional marriage is in jeopardy. The Capitol consents to same-sex marriage. This contradicts the words of Christ and sacred Scripture.

“Help wanted: God, please.”



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