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Hidden guns may lead to ‘Wild West’

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

Yes, I am mostly Democratic. Yes, I own a gun and have an FOID card. I have no felony conviction and no mental problems. Before you who know me start snickering, all I got to say is “phew.”

Now to get to the reason for writing. I do not believe in concealed carry, and I’ll tell you why. If everyone who is allowed to carry a gun is surprised by someone who is intent on doing something, he isn’t going to know it in time to protect himself. Then that person will have his gun to use or sell it to someone else who shouldn’t have one.

Second, this makes me think of the old Wild West days, where everyone packed a gun. If they didn’t like the way a guy was dealing the cards in a poker game, then what happened? Yeah, you guessed it. Boom.

I’m surprised to see some of our law enforcement people agreeing to this when it could also put them in a bad position. Wild West, huh? I’m not for all gun control, so don’t get me wrong.

I’ll also make a comment about school safety. Put some thought into it. Make all schools close all doors but one. Have cameras monitor all entrances with a person watching them. Those doors will be locked so no one can enter. Then, when something looks suspicious, this person sounds an alarm so that the teachers can lock all the classroom doors.

There should also be one person who is armed and should check on the person at the monitors to make sure he is on the alert – maybe even give him a break.

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