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Today, only two reasons for guns

This whole gun control issue is frustrating, especially when I keep reading over and over how any gun control will be unconstitutional and against the Second Amendment. I think the important thing to note first in any logical argument is the construct of our Constitution and the history of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment within the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution was included by our wise forefathers back in December 1791, and has been interpreted to have been included for these purposes:

n Enabling the people to organize a militia system (we did not have the armed forces then);

n Deterring tyrannical government (checks and balances covers this now);

n Repelling invasion (again, no army); and

n Facilitating a natural right of self-defense.

Really, only this last reason can still be seen as valid today. I would even risk including hunting as a valid reason to have a firearm.

So, let’s look at the valid reasons for owning a firearm in today’s society: self-defense and hunting.

First, for self-defense, all one needs is a simple firearm that they are licensed and trained in how to use. There is no assault weapon needed here, or ammunition clip exceeding 10 rounds. So long as you are trained to use the gun properly, someone acting in actual self-defense shouldn’t need more than two rounds, unless they intend to kill.

Second, hunting is meant to be a sport or to assist in population control of various species. A sport is meant to be challenging. Taking an assault weapon and ammunition clips exceeding 10 rounds is just plain cheating against Mother Nature, and is no way worthy of bragging rights or prizes.

Shooting with a bow and arrow and bringing home dinner – now that is pretty cool, takes a bit of talent, and is worthy of praise.


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