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Fears God’s absence in government

Published: Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 1:15 a.m. CDT

In 1776, 98 percent of Americans self-identified themselves as Christians. Today, more than 70 percent still share that identification.

Jesus Christ taught us peace and forgiveness without judgment. He embodied the First Amendment principles and solidified our Creator’s intent to preserve free will –  wrapped in unconditional love for believer and non-believer as well as righteous and afflicted.

We’re a Christian nation. Christians should embrace that; non-Christians have no reason to fear that.

What we should fear is the effort to expand the void created by God’s growing absence in government. Without God, the void will be filled by man. Man in power is the “state.” Replacing God with the state may sound noble and justifiably secular, but man is deeply flawed, and power is absolutely corruptible.

Mao and Lenin, following Karl Marx’s teachings, implemented state atheism as the replacement of God and a necessity to reprogram the people. Lenin quoted, “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” That “program” included the killing of six million Soviets and 40 million to 70 million Chinese.

The perpetual right of liberty exists in the U.S. because of our “unalienable rights” that are “endowed by [our] Creator.” We certainly don’t want to replace that statement with “current privileges the state presently accepts as adequate.”

God gave all people the right of free will. The United States of America should continue to preserve that right as long as it doesn’t affect the peace of our neighbor. As history proves, non-Christians can thrive in a Christian nation. The inverse isn’t so evident.

Thankfully, our Supreme Court and Lee County officials have effectively answered the Nativity question. Sadly, the atheist movement will continue to attack the presence and acknowledgement of God. This attack, in the name of tolerance, will continue to expand to the private sector, and liberty will continue to erode.

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