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AFC’s Student of the Month

Published: Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST
(Michael Krabbenhoeft/mkrabbenhoe@saukvalley.com)
Senior Lane Meurer, 18, of Ashton, is AFC High School's November Student of the Month.

Senior Lane Meurer, 18, of Ashton, is AFC High School’s November Student of the Month. His parents are Mark and Lynnette Meurer, 43, and his siblings are Lindsay, 23; Logan, 20; and Lauren, 16.

Favorite class: Constitution.

Top teacher: Mrs. Toole.

Extracurriculars: Church.

After graduation: Political science at Wheaton College.

Favorite singer: Taylor Swift.

Favorite actor: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Favorite movie: “The Scorpion King.”

Favorite TV show: “Finding Bigfoot.”

Favorite food: Chinese.

Favorite place to shop: eBay.

What’s a tip you would give freshmen for making high school life easier? Always be respectful and have fun.

What kind of music makes your skin crawl: Heavy metal, anything sung by Lady Gaga.

Biggest fear: Heights.

Least favorite class: Chemistry.

What channel don’t you like? MSNBC.

Haunts: Roller coasters, horror movies.

Dream job: Fox News contributor or voiceovers for television and movies.

Useless knowledge: I’m left-handed.

I’m in the dictionary next to: Sociable.

Read this: “The Bible.”

Favorite website: Facebook.

What do you wish your high school offered? French.

Shout out to: My family; I love you guys.

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