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Tragedies point to the necessity of self-defense

Published: Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013 1:15 a.m. CST

There have been four horrific occurrences in the past few weeks that almost everyone is aware of: Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Newtown, Conn.; William Spengler of Webster, N.Y., who ambushed responding firefighters; New York subway deaths; and gang rape in India. Three of those incidents have a common denominator: very sick, mentally-disturbed individuals.

Two incidents had the element of firearms; two did not. New York subway deaths and gang rape in India were not firearms-related. The subway deaths were caused by two individuals being deliberately pushed into the path of approaching commuter trains. The term “gang rape” is self-explanatory.

The hand-ringing angst that prevails in society because of those incidents involving firearms is misplaced. If guns are to be blamed for the Newtown and Webster travesties, then the subway train is at fault in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York said things should be kept in perspective, regarding the two deaths. Bloomberg is a staunch advocate for gun confiscation. What would Bloomberg’s perspective be if the subway deaths were because of gunshots? The unfortunate circumstances presented Bloomberg an opportunity to propagandize for gun control.

However, nothing could match watching death approach in the form of a subway train: no gun used. And no gun was present during the assault on the young Indian woman, who later died. The message that should be profound here is, without the means to defend one’s self, you’re at the mercy of the numbers or the strength of an adversary.

Anyone who is considered competent by the standards of society should be permitted, if they desire, to own and carry anything that gives them a sense of security. Someone said or wrote that an armed society is a more polite society. We here in Illinois should be given the opportunity to find out whether it is true.                                                           

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