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Schools fail to teach values of civilization

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

Brainwashing is the reshaping of the children’s emotions and attitudes. Parents send their children to school expecting them to be educated. Mostly they are unaware of brainwashing.

The purpose of education is to pass on the lessons of civilization. Civilization raises people from the level of animals to that of human beings. Civilization teaches standards of behavior in a human society. Brainwashing is the equivalent of a war on civilization.

Children are very vulnerable when it comes to their “feelings,” their emotions. They are too young to know that “feelings” are subject to control by the mind. That vulnerability simplifies the brainwashing in the schools.

“Values clarification” is a system for confusing young minds. The children are taught that there is no “right” or “wrong” (contrary to the lessons learned from civilization). Values are determined by what “feels good.” Children should be taught to think, but in brainwashing, they are taught to subject themselves to the thoughts of the group.

The “attitude changing” programs have serious consequences for the children and for the parents. The children might develop neuroses, or find themselves in trouble if they “express themselves” by stealing or shoplifting.

Brainwashing of the children requires the undermining and discrediting of the parents, driving a wedge between the children and their parents.

The children are taught that their parents were just ordinary people with problems of their own. In “values clarification,” children are taught values that conflicted with the values that they learned at home. The children then wonder whom they should believe. 

Children should not have their minds warped in school. I find it hard to believe that teachers with intelligence and integrity would participate in damaging the minds of the children who are in their care. Surely, this can’t be happening in the Sauk Valley area.  

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