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Be prepared for another vote on tax

Published: Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012 1:15 a.m. CST

I would like to personally thank all of you who voted against the tax to build a sports complex. Beware, they will try and try again by using the argument that it will help educate our children.

The real push to increase the tax is for – guess what? Another way to skim monies for pet projects.

They are waiting in line for their chance to grab a piece of the pie, even though all the parties don’t know how much money will really come in or how much it will cost to build and run the facility; where it will be built; or how many people will be hired or appointed to run the complex.

These are just a few of the unanswered questions that need to have definite answers before moving forward.

And believe you me, the money that is collected will never be enough. Just look at the tollway system.

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