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Nativity scene at courthouse unconstitutional

Published: Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 1:15 a.m. CST

There is a Nativity scene on the lawn of Dixon’s courthouse. I cannot help but notice that the scene has been erected in one of the most public of places possible.

This is, of course, unconstitutional, and as such, illegal.

This is, of course, offensive to every non-believer, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish person and other believer. Which is exactly why the Nativity scene was placed in this location.

The Nativity scene is being used as a hammer.

“We will show those pesky atheists, and Hindus, and Muslims, and Wiccans – who are destroying this America that was created by God for Christians only.”

But, since when has the Constitution been an impediment to the use of government as a tool for the homogenization of Christian myth?

I notice that I have not seen one church with a Nativity scene – only the courthouse, the seat of local governance for all peoples, regardless of adherence to Christian myth, in Dixon. The implied message being, “This courthouse serves the Christian god.”

This is precisely why the founding documents of this nation erected a granite wall between church and state. Too bad that wall is being ignored in Dixon, and much of America.

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