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In search of an honest gun discussion

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

You want an honest gun discussion? Well, people against them believe that more guns equal more deaths.

But the truth is that crime rates have gone down in every state that concealed-carry laws have been approved, but perhaps not as much in states that still restrict permits.

If you search for GunTown USA, where a law was approved that every house was to have a weapon, there have been no deaths in the more than 25 years since it was approved, and the crime rate plummeted. But the anti-gunners don’t want to hear that; facts corrupt their opinions.

Are there nuts out there? Of course. And the first place they go are “no gun zones,” so they can kill as many people as they can. But if people think getting rid of guns is going to stop mass killings, they are fooling themselves, as Tim McVeigh showed with a Ryder truck full of explosives. But then, after a sensational story of killings, there’s never anything said about the overall deaths concealed carry has prevented every year throughout every state that has approved it.

Cars kill more people than guns, but we don’t get rid of them because there is a cost/benefit ratio that overrides the risk of death. And the same is true of the concealed-carry laws. But again, the anti-gunners don’t want to hear about that; they have their own skewed facts (or opinions) to present.

Have a honest discussion? How do you do that with people who don’t even respect the Bill of Rights?

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