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Lee County Board selects new chairman

Committee heads chosen; new term lengths drawn up

DIXON – The Lee County Board has a new chairman.

Rick Ketchum, D-Amboy, was approved unanimously at the board’s organizational meeting Monday. No one else was nominated.

Ketchum, 62, replaces Jim Seeberg, 80, who did not seek re-election.

John Nicholson, R-Franklin Grove, will continue to serve as vice chairman. No one else was nominated for that post.

Ketchum also assigned committee chairmanships: Ketchum, executive committee; Nicholson, safety and properties/planning/zoning; Marilyn Shippert, R-Dixon, public safety; Dick Binder, R-Compton, transportation/solid waste; Dave Chandler, R-Dixon; finance and the negotiating subcommittee; Judy Truckenbrod, R-West Brooklyn, administrative services.

Board members also drew for the lengths of their terms, both current terms and the next two terms, a drawing that happens once a decade. Members could draw one of two futures for their seats: two 4-year terms followed by a 2-year term or a 2-year term followed by two 4-year terms.

In district 1, Ketchum, Wes Morrissey, D-Amboy, and Ann Taylor, R-Amboy, drew 4-4-2 while Shippert, David Gusse, R-Dixon, and Vern Gottel, R-rural Sterling, drew 2-4-4.

In district 2, Truckenbrod, Nicholson and Kasey Considine, D-Amboy, drew 4-4-2 and Binder, Gerald Leffelman, R-Sublette, and Allyn Buhrow, R-Ashton, drew 2-4-4.

In district 3, Greg Witzleb, Steven Kitzman and Arlan McClain, all Dixon Republicans, drew 4-4-2 and Isaac Mercer, D-Dixon, Thomas Kitson, R-Dixon, and Bernie Buckley, R-Dixon, drew 2-4-4.

In district 4, Dave Chandler, Bob Gibler, and Tim Deem, all Dixon Republicans, drew 4-4-2 and James Wentling, Bill Palen, and Marvin Williams, all Dixon Republicans, drew 2-4-4.



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