Rita’s red Vette, black T-bird for sale

Online auction ends Dec. 6

DIXON – She had fun, fun, fun, but now the feds are taking her T-bird away.

Rita Crundwell’s black 2005 Ford Thunderbird is up for sale, along with her red 1967 convertible Chevy Corvette Roadster, a 1998 Cobalt 25L5 boat and trailer, and a few other vehicles, in an online auction at www.appletowing.com that ends Dec. 6.

The U.S. Marshals Service has tapped Texas-based Apple Towing Co., which sold Crundwell’s 2009 Liberty Elegant Lady Coach for $800,000 in September, to handle this sale as well.

As of 5:30 p.m. Monday, 18 bidders were vying for the Roadster, with a high bid of $25,220.

The Thunderbird had 47 bidders and a high bid of $11,270; the boat had 18 bidders and a high bid of $8,510.

Soon to be added to the sale is a 2000 20-foot Playbuoy Pleasure Boat. That auction also will close Dec. 6.

Marshals expect to release more details Monday on a planned multi-day online auction of numerous personal items belonging to the former city comptroller, who pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal wire fraud in connection with her admitted theft of more than $53.7 million from the city since 1990.

The 59-year-old faces up to 20 years in prison at her Feb. 14 sentencing.

She still is charged in Lee County with 60 counts of theft; in that complaint, prosecutors accuse her of filching more than $11 million from the city since January 2010.

Since her federal indictment May 1, marshals have auctioned many items, including her herd of 400 quarter horses, netting about $7.4 million. They also plan to sell five properties in Dixon, Lee County, and Englewood, Fla.

Proceeds, minus costs, will be given to city as restitution once her case is resolved.