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Re-examining the term 'loser'

While you won't catch me cheering on press row (except at the state cross-country meet), I'm never going to pull for a local team to lose, either.

Does this image of the Amboy Clippers celebrating a victory over Orion warm your heart? Mine, too, admittedly.

A few weeks ago, I was at The Harbor, covering the annual clash between Newman and Amboy. Mike Pasley, a fixture in the press box, seemed unconvinced when I told him I don't feel relief when local teams' seasons come to and end.

Now, don't get me wrong, I get where he's coming from. And when we've got a half-dozen teams still alive in hoops sectionals in a few months, I know it will be overwhelming.

But one of my biggest pet peeves is journos pulling for local teams to lose. This isn't an idictment on our SVM staff. It's an indictment on sports staffs everywhere.

What blows my mind most of all is when non-salaried staffers lament teams making deep runs. News flash: Either way, you're working 40 hours next week. Heck, if you work for a paper (admittedly, there are very, very few) that's doing well, you could even get some overtime out of it.

Speaking of papers' affluence, another deep thought for you: When teams do well and warrant special sections and such, there are advertising dollars to be gained.

Here's the bottom line: Why are we in this line of work again? If you're just in it because you happen to have a journalist's skill-set and the bills aren't paying themselves, fair enough. But don't spread your cancer. Don't send me out into the field with the battle-cry of "Bring home a loser." Frankly, that makes you a loser.

Believe it or not, there are many of us who got into this game because we love telling kids' stories, and the happier the better. I love a good Cinderella story, where a team that has no business doing so just keeps winning. Don't you dare say things like, "Just bow out and get it over with."

I think there's a valid possibility our football season could come to an end Saturday. But I also think there's a distinct possibility we could have two teams alive and well.

I think you can glean which scenario I'd prefer.


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