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Peace Poetry winning entries

Published: Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 1:15 a.m. CST

STERLING – YWCA of the Sauk Valley has announced the winners of its Peace Poetry Contest.

They are:

Middle school winner

Brooke Bennett of Tampico Middle School

All of our problems are stuck in a heap

Some of the people can’t even sleep

Most of the people are getting hurt

So we need to stop this before it gets worse

If all this was gone, it would be great

Rather than picking on someone like bait

I know these things are not the best

These things aren’t even better than the rest

People that bully say it’s so fun

But the victims decide to run

Instead of pushing and fighting

We should all be friends and uniting.

Adult, first place

Norma Wolens of



You are no spring chicken –

Trampled upon,

Plucked and deplumed

By the never ending

Scratching and biting

Between the bird brained

In the barnyards of the world.

Since time’s beginning,

The world’s children

Primped and preened

Feathers in their caps

Saucily strode across

The globe

Hell bent on proclaiming

A new pecking order.

Beatings and bullets,

Icons of dominance

Stalk the “different”

In form and feature

Faith and fancy

Yet tyrants claim to

Hold your name

In high esteem.


Continue to spread

Your wings over living souls,

Hope lies

In your remaining

A tough old bird.

High school winner

Cassey Doege of Amboy High School

A week without violence

How could that be?

It’s called PEACE poetry

We lend our hands

Like battle of the bands

We don’t clap, we snap

Snap for me? NO!


Nonviolence to say the least

Smiles, Laughs, People full of joy

It’s days like these few are coy

Remember to be nice and caring

Standing up for Peace is DARING

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