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Start the trial; enough money has been wasted

Published: Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 1:15 a.m. CST

What a waste of more money to the residents of Dixon. Rita Crundwell spent little to no time in the courtroom just to have a pretrial court date set. Why can we not just go right to the trial?

She is still costing the taxpayers more and more money, going through this slow process. I believe in “innocent until proved guilty,” but it just gets more ridiculous every time she is in the courtroom. There is so much time wasted on court cases. This is one more reason Dixon has no money.

She has been out of her office since April. Should we not have about $600,000 sitting in the town’s account now that she is not there? Where is the money being spent?

I would think that the mayor would keep the residents informed monthly where it is all being spent. If we did not have it before, there should be extra money to do something for the people of Dixon.

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