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Exclusion or inclusion? That is the question

Published: Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

Another really shameless lie: The poor economy is due to the president’s failed policies. 

To the contrary, Republican leaders of Congress took responsibility for failure to enact the president’s policies long ago. 

First, when Republican Party grand pooh-bahs gathered, even before inauguration day, and decided to oppose every presidential policy proposal, even those identical to Republican policy.

Their responsibility for the struggling economy was cemented when Republicans assumed control of the House. At that time, Republican leadership declared their job one, “prime legislative objective” was to do “whatever it takes” to limit President Obama to one term. 

Let’s see, if my objective is defeating the president, would I want the economy performing at its best possible, or would I want the economy at its worst possible?


Republican leaders made their wishes known 2 years ago, then purposely proceeded to pursue their plan to its logical conclusion, catastrophic as it was for our country. Downright treasonous, I’d say. 

Worse, the general atmosphere and contagion of hate and fear, first planted on 9/11, was transferred to our first black “Muslim” president, along with every other negative projection from the rabid recesses of racist psyches. This ignited tea party mania, their takeover of Congress, and Republican refusal to tend to the country’s business, the economy be doomed, as defeating the president was so much more important. 

Unfortunately, this hate, fear and resentment has spread to other Americans: Romney’s “irresponsible” 47 percent, Ryan’s 30 percent “takers,” basically the needy and disadvantaged, people occupying the low end of the totem pole. This poisonous atmosphere makes me fear for our country’s future. 

Will we become an exclusive society dominated by fear and hate, every person for himself? Or, will we be a loving, compassionate, inclusive society, meeting every person’s needs in a fair and just manner?

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