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Romney lacks what it takes to be president

Published: Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

After Romney’s second debate performance, it’s obvious this bully lacks all qualifications to be president. Where to begin? 

His utter disrespect, rudeness and lack of civility in addressing our head of state and madame moderator was shocking for a gentleman of his breeding, revealing his inner prep-school bully.

Mitt laid his big Libyan trap, got the president on record, sprang his zinger of a lie, only to be informed the president’s words were correct. How embarrassing, indicative of the generally uninformed statements Mitt makes. 

Mitt got so flustered talking about contraception, he forgot his most recent position and reverted to his previous, moderate position; contraceptive insurance coverage is a woman’s right.

Mitt totally disrespected one questioner when he needed to first address again the previous question before answering, then made a fool of himself addressing equal pay for women. Completely ignoring the question, he told a quaint story, capped by a lie about how he acquired “binders full of women.” 

We do not need a CEO running a business. We need a president managing bureaucracies and the apparatus of state, governing in the interests of all Americans. Mitt “47 percent” Romney is absolutely not qualified, lacking the character, competence and capacity to be president. 

Even the Mormon Salt Lake Tribune, knowing Mitt so intimately, endorses President Obama.

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