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President is ineffective; vote Romney

Published: Friday, Oct. 26, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

I read an article about 15 years ago titled, “Pop culture has made us a nation of wusses.” To a large degree, I feel this is spot on, and President Obama is no exception. 

He and his administration have constantly whined about how they inherited such a bad economy, yet after all their grand spending, unemployment remains near 8 percent, gasoline prices are double, and millions more are on welfare. Results matter, not just intentions. 

I don’t remember Ronald Reagan whining about the mess he inherited from Jimmy Carter. Rather, he worked with a Democratic Congress, and together they achieved a tremendous economic boom.

I don’t remember Bill Clinton whining about the recession he inherited from George H.W. Bush. Rather, he worked with a Republican Congress, and together they achieved another economic boom.

I don’t remember George W. Bush whining about the tragedy of 9/11. Rather, he worked with a Democratic Congress, and they brought many terrorists to justice and made our country safer.

Congress has a lot of problems, but the biggest problem is President Obama’s inability to work with them to achieve positive results.

You may like to listen to President Obama talk on “The View” and give lofty speeches, but his abysmal record speaks for itself. Reasonable people can disagree about political philosophies, but there is no getting around the horrible results President Obama has wrought on this country.

Vote Romney, because as White Lion once sang, “You must show the way to a better day.”

Note to readers – Chris Preston is a former resident of Sterling.

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