Arduini: Will work ‘to make our community stronger’

I have had a great opportunity to be able to serve the citizens of District 1, not only as a representative on the Whiteside County Board, but over the past 4 decades as an alderman for the city of Sterling and as a member of the CGH Hospital Board finance committee.

I have been privileged to work with many incredible, civic-minded people in our area with fundraisers, community projects, youth organizations, and fraternal activities and festivals. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge related to the maintenance of a community and the needs of its citizens through those many activities, and I would like to continue to apply these experiences to make our community stronger.

I would not be presumptuous to believe that I have all the answers to the problems that exist in our community, nor that, by myself, I can provide what is needed to keep our community a viable option for future growth and maintain Whiteside County as a great community to live and raise our children.

I just ask to be granted the opportunity to continue to do whatever I can, in whatever small way I can, and I hope that the voters of District 1 will grant me that honor.