By John Wolzfelt Rock Falls

Convert empty building into a VA hospital

I look at the Honor Flight as one way to show appreciation of military service to preserve our freedom and to our country.

Most of us fellows were drafted; we didn’t have a choice. In my case, I had just gotten married, and in about 2 weeks, the government gave us a brand new place to live. I had to give up my wife and my mother as they just wouldn’t take them along.

I lost my job at Lawrence Brothers, and I wasn’t a happy camper. They told me freedom was not free. I had it pretty good after basic training and was sent to dental lab school, where I spent 16 weeks graduating as a dental lab tech.

The point I’m trying to make is, most of our guys have to go to Iowa City to the hospital, and we have a beautiful empty factory building, National Manufacturing, that could be turned into a VA hospital and converted into a place for guys to go.

Note to readers – John M. Wolzfelt was a corporal in the Army.

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