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Disturbed by Romney’s views on the 47 percent

Published: Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012 1:15 a.m. CDT

Mother Jones released a video with Republican nominee Mitt Romney in a relaxed manner and a rare cohesive moment expressing numerous candid viewpoints.

Clearly, his rant on the 47 percent of Americans he sees as irresponsible and relying on government has been the highlight of his diatribe. Apparently, Romney has very little understanding or comprehension of people who lie behind those numbers.

Listening to Romney’s comments on the 47 percent to his fellow wealthy donor class, I thought about the Walmart clerk struggling to make a living and caring for her children while attending Sauk. Is she irresponsible?

I thought about senior citizens scraping and scuffling to pay their bills watching every dime. Are they irresponsible?

I thought about my students [at Sauk Valley Community College] who may need a Pell Grant to complete their education working hard everyday. Are they irresponsible?

I thought about adjunct instructors working their hearts out, sometimes teaching at two or three schools to make ends meet and still are eligible for government benefits. Are they irresponsible victims who will never take personal responsibility?

In addition, are brave veterans who served us so honorably irresponsible because their families may need assistance?

Ironically, many of Romney’s elderly voters are part of that 47 percent. Are they irresponsible victims?

Romney’s moment of clarity and honesty brought us closer to a key realization; we all need to take personal responsibility on Election Day.

Romney’s blunt reflections revealed his innermost feelings under the perceived shelter and cover of secrecy, and it was disturbing.

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